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PHOTONICS WEST Taiwan Pavilion

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2024 Photonics Exhibition Contents & Highlights for Each Zone

  • Precision Optics Exhibition: The only optical professional exhibition in Taiwan, with various optical lens modules for applications such as automotive.
  • Spectrometer area: Various applications of hyperspectral instruments, such as biomedical, display, agricultural and other detection and machine vision.
  • Optical inspection and thermal imaging area: Automated optical inspection (AOI) combined with artificial intelligence (AI) for smart automation, including infrared imaging and TeraHz applications
  • Quantum Information and Foresight Academic Area: Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Materials.
  • AR/VR and projection optical zone: AR/VR and projection technology for application in Metaverse
  • Silicon photonics & optical communication area: various applications of silicon photonics, especially in satellite laser optical communication
  • Vacuum and Thin Film Zone: Information storage for data center
  • Micro LED display, lighting area: Micro LED, automotive lighting, human l