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Photonic Tech-Inno Awards

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PHOTONICS WEST Taiwan Pavilion

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Concurrent Exhibition

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Services for Exhibitors

Online Expo

• To extend exhibition benefit for up to one year.
• Data searching function for buyers.

News exposure of company’s new products

• Exposure on OPTO TAIWAN website.
• Exposure on Optolink monthly magazine.
• Exposure on OLIE quarterly magazine.

Provide hard & soft copy of invitation card

• Provide both versions of invitation card for exhibitors to send out as needed basis to the captioned visitors by post and/or email.
• Soft copy invitation card: option for exhibitors to invite visitors efficiently and eco-friendly.
• Hard copy invitation card: option for exhibitor to invite various types of visitors.

Distribute printed material at global events

• To assist customers to expand globally, PIDA provide the option to distributer customers printed material at global events. 
• Distribute customers’ printed material on PIDA’s booth in the duration of global events and/or exhibitions.
• To enhance the benefit of participation, and increase the exposure opportunity.

Buyer match making section

• To organize one on one buyer match making meeting during OPTO TAIWAN. 
• To organize match making meeting aperiodically outside the exhibition period.