Who is PIDA?

PIDA, Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association, was founded by National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) in 1993 with the mission of promoting photonics industry in Taiwan; focusing on optics, optoelectronic, electro-optics, compound semiconductor, and affiliated material as well as equipment.
The task of PIDA includes talent training, technology promotion, and international networking. Based on think tank, PIDA have those businesses, i.e., Opto Taiwan Expo, seminars & training courses, membership services, and research projects to accelerate industry growth.

What we do?

Combining production, government, academia, and research to jointly accelerate the development of Taiwan's optoelectronic technology and industry

Therefore, our missions are:

>Carry out research on the photonics industry and assist the government in formulating development strategies
>Provide phphotonics related information to promote industrial development
>Promote the photonics industry and popularize photonics technology
>Assist the industry in introducing advanced optoelectronic technology and high-level manpower
>Promote photonics investment and accelerate the upgrading of photonics industry
>Strengthen international exchanges and industry cooperation
>Traini photonics technology and management personnel